Polish for Greasy Leather, 125ml Various Colours

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A protective cream polish with natural neatsfoot oil, which has been specially formulated for oily leathers such as Horween's Chromexcel, or nubuck.

Cleans, nourishes, restores colour and protects without waxes.

Oily leathers should be treated differently than calf leathers, for example. The finish of oily leather is typically matt rather than shiny, and is slightly greasy to the touch. This makes for a robust leather which suits practical footwear such as country shoes, riding boots, hiking boots and so on.  Using normal wax polish would change the appearance of the leather and would potentially diminish the oil content through a slight drying action from the wax.  Heavy treatments such as dubbin or leather grease can be used - as is traditional with hiking or football boots, for example. But where a lighter, smoother finish is desirable - such as with casual, country or boat shoes, for example - Saphir's greasy leather cream is recommended. 

These creams do not contain very much pigment - just enough to rebalance the colour. If in doubt, the neutral will be suitable for all oily leathers.

Please note, due to restrictions from our couriers, we are currently unable to ship shoe polishes, creams and aerosols outside of the UK.